Our Services

Our services are designed to help you through the process from concept to AppSource quickly and efficiently. We will be guiding you in terms of best practices, architecture and development. Our team’s knowledge and experience have allowed us to help others design and build great Apps that are compatible with multiple versions, easy to maintain, and straightforward to use.

Getting started

We offer our introductory services tailored to your background and expertise. Our focus is to deliver the right amount of the best content to get you underway.

  • NAV Partners – we help you to quickly understand what Dynamics 365 is and how to offer your IP as an App.
  • GP/SL Partners and ISV Providers – we help you transition to Dynamics 365 based on your strong knowledge in particular area of expertise.
  • Service Providers – we help you explore how to connect your services to Dynamics 365.
  • Business Specialists – we provide you with an introduction to the environment, base product architecture, and help you to define a project and steps needed to get it architected, built and deployed.

In general, you know your business and/or operations and want to create an App to serve a specific market, need or type of organization. With this background we can help you move forward faster.

Architecture & design

Once underway, we offer more in depth assistance in the areas of architecture, design, development, testing, certification and AppSource deployment. Our advanced services are available to help you move from concept to AppSource by providing additional support in the areas that you need it. That is, we can be an extension of your team while you continue to focus your resources as needed.

After the concept is architecture of the solution provides the foundation for the construction of the App. A solid approach allows for reduced cost in the PLM cycle, simplified and clean functionality while creating a clear map forward. Our Chief Architect ensures that the key principles are incorporated early and properly into your App.

Product development

Once the architecture is complete, the development needs to be completed using best practices and tools. Our source control management allows you to see exactly how the development is proceeding and have all of the code available for review and testing. Our nightly build process and testing allow for agile development and design refinement. Our team is available to guide you through or complete the process.

During the development process we will share our task tracking system with you, thus enabling to you follow the process step by step. By using common development tools we ensure that any issues our diversions from our plan can be addressed quickly.

Testing & verification

Regardless of who does the development, we are available to perform testing along the way. There are many aspects that need to be tested/assessed. We provide a consistent and repeatable testing approach that is efficient and effective. Our results can be quickly incorporated into your next build. This decoupling of development and testing has proven to be valuable in terms of time, money and functionality.

Over the years we have worked with automated unit testing and we increasingly use UI test driven methods to ensure that the user experience can be repeated automatically every time modifications to the product or solution is made.

Validation assistance

Our experience with the Certified for Microsoft Dynamics program has given us insight on how to streamline the review and validation process for AppSource. We will guide you through the process or complete it for you i.e.:

  • Validate your offering by verifying that your App meets the criteria of a SaaS App.
  • Register in Dev Center, provide App information for submission and provide access for Microsoft to test the application.
  • Test in staging. Here, Microsoft runs tests and makes the validation. Based on this, approval for production can be requested.

AppSource deployment

Finally, with your App validated and ready to go, we will work with you to get it deployed in AppSource. Since this is an evolving process you can leverage our experience to get it done right and quickly.

Publish your offering (in Publishing Portal) based on the Publisher Agreement. Create offer and service plans, input marketing content and support links, tag App categories and Geo details as well as submit the package for staging.

Once here, the solution will be subject to further sales review i.e., it must have 10 customer reference for 36 months with at least one being less than 12 months old.