What to consider when building business apps!

Connecting the Pieces

Any company stepping into the Dynamics 365 eco-system will need to decide how to build their solution. When examining the results of a study performed by IBM by asking 585 mobile application developers and development managers, many of the key findings give pointers to what should be considered.

Specifically, IBM looked at what the one third of the projects that had achieved the criteria for success – fully meeting budget, schedule and project objectives – had in common:

  • The right experience! The teams that can integrate heavy technical experience across the technology used to deliver the solution with the right business and industry knowledge performed better than other teams.
  • The right development platform! The teams that used cloud based platforms and strong DevOps platforms including test automation achieved better results as this allowed for more agility and therefore resulted in shorter time to market.
  • The developers collaborated closely with the entire eco-system. This included design, user experience, quality assurance, business stakeholders and end users. As with any production, collaboration throughout the process keeps everything running smoothly.
  • They analyzed user behavior. It seems that successful project teams don’t just pay attention to the ratings and reviews, they want to get closer to the user experience and gain inspiration based on what they learn.

According to IBM, successful projects are 30% more likely to have at least one developer with more than 5 years of (relevant) development experience. They are 35% more likely to use cloud-based platforms to develop the application and three-fourths of successful projects collaborate using agile software development methods.

In addition to providing the right tools to foster cooperation and developers with the right back-ground, including communication skills. The team should conduct usability testing during development, and continually improve the application by incorporating user feedback and analytical insights.

Should you build your own solution or get help?

Most development organizations have been through numerous projects and have a track record for what works and what can be improved. Still, developing solutions and Apps for Dynamics 365 in a SaaS environment can then be new territory for many Dynamics partners accustomed to Sure Step as the many technologies and opportunities in play with Dynamics 365 lend themselves more to a more agile development approach.

For service partners who wish to embed or connect their solution to Dynamics 365, but are new to Dynamics, will need to consider if they know how to embed their service in the Dynamics 365 flow and if they have (or even want to have) the technology knowledge needed to build the solution. They will also need to consider if they want to maintain it over time.

For all who wish to offer solutions together with Dynamics 365, a key component will be to fully understand user requirements in sufficient detail to build the intuitive and simple solution that satisfy both Microsoft and the users!

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